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Quiet and attractive!

We’ve just completed our first installation of the Samsung EHS Mono HT Quiet R32 high temperature heat pump.

Our first impressions are that it is indeed quiet, it has a very good maximum flow temperature, a good Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCoP) and it’s very easy on the eye!

How do you think it looks?

The SCoP is a key factor in determining how much the heat pump will cost to run. The higher the SCoP at a specific flow temperature, the more energy the heat pump delivers for a given amount of energy in and so the less it costs to run.

The following are the MCS published SCoP figures:

Flow temp














So, for example, with a boiler flow temperature of 35°C, the heat pump delivers 4.74kW of usable heat for every kW of energy used from the supply. With a boiler flow temperature of 60°C, the heat pump delivers 3.32kW of usable heat for every kW of energy used from the supply.

With a maximum flow temperature of 70°C, this unit provides the potential to be a viable replacement for some conventional boilers without the need to upgrade the radiators and pipework.

How many times do you hear the urban myth that heat pumps don’t heat your house? Not true as long as the system is correctly designed and installed, including making sure the radiators and pipework are appropriate.

Interestingly, this unit replaced an original heat pump which should still be going. However, the client failed to have the original unit serviced over the 6 years since it was installed and a total lack of antifreeze probably caused its demise. The antifreeze not only prevents the unit freezing, but also stops internal corrosion. Please service your heat pumps!

We’re scheduled to fit another Samsung unit in the next few weeks – this time it will be one of their new R290 monoblocks. This pump will be heating the house via a microbore system. Controversial, I know, but the current system has the flow temperature set to 65°C so, with a maximum temp of 75°C, there is no reason why it will not work perfectly well. We’ll let you know how we get on!

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