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New cooperation with GivEnergy on the testing of their EMS technology

A little over a year ago, we fitted a GivEnergy system consisting of three 3.0kW AC coupled inverters each with a 9.5kWh battery.

The installation followed an OEM schematic but, because of a software glitch, the inverters had issues working together and couldn’t give the customer the charge/discharge capability they wanted. The property has the advantage of a 10kW wind turbine and 3.6kW of solar, so the designed charge and discharge of 9kW match the potential generation when the base load of the property was added. GivEnergy indicated that there was a solution in development, but it could take a while to be ready to go. We have just installed the solution and the results are very promising!

The solution is designated as the energy management system (EMS). It connects to the inverters by data cable and effectively takes control of their functionality. It’s a relatively easy piece of kit to install but I can’t really comment on the ease of setup as this still needs to be

carried out remotely. GivEnergy says the EMS will be able to manage four AC coupled inverters, which will provide a maximum charge/discharge rate of 12kW and, as each AC couple can have five batteries, this installation could have a maximum storage capacity of 190kWh – probably enough for the most demanding domestic customer!

GivEnergy have asked if would be interested in testing the commissioning app for the EMS and of course we said yes!

The first graph provides an overview of the system performance on 5 October 2023. It was a windy day with the batteries charging at a peak rate of 8.1kW at 12:52.

The second graph shows the energy transfer in and out of the batteries on 1 October 2023, demonstrating the process of significant charge/discharge throughout the day.

First impressions are that the EMS is a great addition to the GivEnergy product range and will challenge some of the other manufacturers that currently provide inverters with a greater capacity for energy throughput.

Artimus is proud to be an approved installer of GivEnergy products.

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