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Integrated solutions
for greener technologies


Design and installation of low carbon technologies

Our solutions

At Artimus, we provide a holistic, comprehensive and integrated design and installation service for all of the main green technologies. Covering this broad spectrum of low carbon, greener technologies was deliberate as they have synergies and the potential to complement each other. An integrated solution may be more cost effective to install and provides a greater reduction in carbon emissions – for example, the inclusion of battery storage and electric vehicle (EV) charging when installing a solar PV system, or solar hot water heating when installing a heat pump. We are MCS certified to design and install solar PV and battery storage, and air and ground source heat pumps. We are also registered for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS), which provides grants for replacing a fossil fuel heating system with a heat pump. We also offer design and installation of small wind turbines.

We are careful to choose equipment that has a proven track record, is readily available and is covered by robust technical support in the UK. We also pride ourselves on providing help and guidance once the installation is complete, including a 2-year guarantee on all workmanship and material defects.

Domestic - Commercial - Industrial

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