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An open discussion with our client

Following on from last week’s post about clients finding us through research into renewable energy and low carbon technologies, in this post we go on to talk about the subsequent benefits of an open discussion regarding the best solution for the client.

Whilst we may have the experience and expertise in the field of green technology to make well-informed recommendations, we don’t presume to know what is best for any client. What we really like is when a customer is willing to engage in a conversation about what they’re looking to achieve in terms of the right technical solution and a realistic outlay balanced with long-term cost savings.

Sometimes what a client initially thinks they want and what will actually work for their property are very different. We love the process of working this out, and then designing and installing the correct solution – not a stock solution. In fact, we would prefer not to take a job than install something that’s not fit for purpose. And the race to the bottom on price is really not for us either...

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