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Dale Vince podcast

Updated: Jul 16

I listened to an interesting podcast this week with Dale Vince OBE, the founder of Ecotricity and 'green industrialist'. He started the Renewable Energy Company, which would become Ecotricity, back in 1995, first sold green electricity in 1996 and, later that year, launched his first wind turbine.

As a fellow enthusiast of green technologies, I found it fascinating to listen to his story and his thoughts on the 'climate crisis', renewables and sustainability. His early work was simply driven by the desire to do what he could to help with the issue of climate change – as he says in the podcast, "The way we make electricity [in the UK] was the biggest single source of carbon emissions, and so it made sense to me to start with the biggest problem, which was electricity production".

He also recognises the importance of communicating with people about environmental issues by talking about the things that matter most to them, and right now that's "how they're going to pay the bills".

You can listen to the podcast here and find out more about the green energy solutions we offer on our website.

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