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The power of research

As a small family-run business with a passion for helping people find the right renewable energy solution for their home or business, we don’t chase after large numbers of customers looking for the cheapest solution. Whilst we’re competitive, above all we offer first-rate service and a tailored installation.

A lot of our customers come to us through recommendation, but quite a few also find us during the course of their research about greener energy solutions.

One such client based in Nottinghamshire was interested in installing battery storage to benefit from their Economy 7 tariff and started their research on their energy provider’s website. That led them to some videos on YouTube that discussed the pros and cons of battery storage without solar panels. One of the videos recommended GivEnergy battery storage, so the client researched the company. The GivEnergy website lists its approved installers.

Our client then researched some of the installers local to them and decided that, although we weren’t the closest, we had the company profile and expertise that they felt they could trust.

For us, this is an ideal client because they’ve done some research and know a bit about renewables and greener technologies, and they want to find the right solution, not just the closest installer or a company paying to get their website at the top of Google rankings. This paves the way for a good discussion about what they want to achieve and how we can help. We’ll talk about that next step in the process more in a future blog!

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