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We recently transferred to Octopus Energy as our home energy supplier...

We moved to Octopus Energy recently for our home energy. I did a fair amount of research and asked people for recommendations and thoughts on the various energy suppliers. Octopus are recommended by Which? and have earned several accreditations and awards for customer service. They're also rather good at renewable energy, selling only 100% green electricity and investing in renewable power such as solar and wind farms.

Octopus have flexible tariffs, for example for EV charging points, and offer a decent rate for exporting back to the grid. At a time when most households are worried about their energy bills, any opportunity to make savings is very welcome.

One of our clients had had an issue with their smart meter on an Octopus Economy 7 tariff, meaning that they paid the higher 'day' rate for an hour each night when they should have been charged the discounted rate. They contacted Octopus and received an email acknowledging the issue within an hour and it was fixed within 24 hours. Octopus refunded the extra charges without being asked. Energy companies have always been notoriously bad at customer service in my view, so this was great to hear.

My transfer to Octopus was fast and straightforward. One nice perk is their referral scheme. I used a friend's referral code and we both received £50 credit into our accounts once my transfer was complete. Here's my referral code if you would like to use it and get us both £50 -

Please note: This post is not endorsed or sponsored by Octopus. It's purely our opinion and we hope will help anyone looking to change energy supplier.

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